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Product Specialist Endoscopie (2 vacatures)


Het bedrijf / The company

Onze opdrachtgever is een grote producent van medische apparatuur die zich richt op minimaal invasieve geneeskunde. Dankzij innovatieve producten kunnen medisch specialisten het leven van patiƫnten verbeteren met alternatieven voor chirurgische ingrepen. Zij levert producten op het gebied van Pijnmanagement / Neuromodulatie, Interventionele Cardiologie, Interventionele Radiologie, Urologie / Gynaecologie, Neuro Radiologie, Hartritmemanagement / Elektrofysiologie, Bronchoscopische ingegrepen en Gastro-enterologie.

Extra info

Wij zoeken 2 Product Specialisten. De regio is afhankelijk van de woonplaats en ervaring van de kandidaten.

De functie / The role

Clinical Sales Representative (CSR) provides clinical support to assigned accounts, jointly with the Executive Account Manager (EAM) and directed by the Region Sales Manager. The primary role of the CSR is to maintain market share by delivering excellent product in-servicing, product evaluations, and continuous procedural education.

Your responsibilities include:
Strategic planning
o Supported by EAM, contributes to the development of annual strategic plan by providing RSM, NSM and Marketing with detailed business intelligence for accounts in scope (e.g. market size and potential, market / products trends, business opportunities, competitive landscape, updated clinical and economic stakeholders).

Account planning & customer relationships management
o Ensures account information are timely updated into systems, as directed by the EAM.
o Supports EAM in understanding the unmet needs of the client and expectations to facilitate account strategy and plans development.
o Establishes relationships with Physicians, Nurses, Technicians, Materials Management, Hospital Administration, and Infection Control. Develops and enhances account relationships through product demonstrations, educational programs, product in-services, procedural observation, and problem resolution.
o Identifies, manages and reports to EAM / RSM sales opportunity deriving from clinical support; consequently, supports EAM and RSM in clinical selling based on clinical support information provided.
o Attends and actively participates in customer, company and industry sponsored events and meetings.

Tender / negotiation management
o Based on clinical support, supports EAM in gathering information about next tenders and negotiation opportunities.

Deal design & pricing
o Executes Sales Cloud tasks assigned by the EAM representing agreed strategy and tactics, attends and participates in periodic meetings to update on status.

Post-sale management and future growth
o Develops and implements a proactive plan that involves service support, with Regional Sales Manager and team members, to increase the quality of service to customers.
o Performs procedural training, provides clinical support and therapy development and consequently manages clinical evaluation, with EAM support, to deliver excellent product in-servicing and product evaluations and ultimately secure market share.

Het profiel / Your profile

o Working experience at least 5 years (i.e. endoscopy / urology nurse)
o Higher Vocational level (HBO) i.e. Endoscopy / Urology health, Radio diagnostics or similar
o Good knowledge of the anatomy of the body
o Good knowledge of reading Echo graphic and/or radiology images
o Excellent written and verbal communication skills
o Excellent relationship skills
o Creative and innovative thinking.

Reactie / Reaction

Naar Herman Dieten van Highland Transition (06 4498 4296).

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Indien solliciteer hier u verwijst naar een ongeldig webadres, is de vacature (hoogstwaarschijnlijk) inmiddels vervuld. Attendeer FMF hierop

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Via Highland Transition
Highland Transition
Nederland, diverse regio's

Geplaatst op FMF: 07 december 2018

Branche: Farma & Biotech, Medical, Healthcare
Functie: Marketing / Sales, Clinical research, Produktie/Engineering/Facility, Management, Medisch algemeen
Opleidingsniveau: HBO / BSc, WO/academisch / MSc
Werkervaring: 2-5 jaar, 5-10 jaar